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The Hideaway is a growing and vibrant Oklahoma company. We were founded in 1957 in the lovely town of Stillwater Oklahoma, near Oklahoma State University. You can check out our history page for the rest of the story. Since our founding we have joined communities around Oklahoma. Please, visit our locations page for information on the location nearest you. We focus on being a fun place for guests and employees, alike. We even vacation together...

The Hideaway is a different place, we do things our own way and we encourage innovation. Most of our menu was created by folks working in the restaurants. We have a big pizza contest every year, where we all get together and try each other's wonderful and often strange pizza creations. We also get together for an annual Pizza Olympics! We all test our pizza chops against each other and compete for bragging rights for the year! You can see photos from the Pizza Olympics on our Facebook Page.

Who are all those characters?


Everyone knows the Hideaway Pizza dude with the big hair and red bowtie, but they might not know his name…it’s KAHUNA! Kahuna has been seen all around our restaurants for years, on pizza boxes, menus, entryway doors, magnets, playing the saxophone at the Edmond location in the jazz lab… we even have 6 foot replicas of him greeting guests at some of our newer locations! He’s also on the world-famous Hideaway Pizza tees you see our staff sporting around the stores. Kahuna is a lot like the Hideaway. He is a little different and a little strange but he is a lot of fun!

Karma Fiona, Kahuna’s wife, is the lovely lady with the upswept hair and lovely pearls, always adding a touch of elegance to Kahuna’s down-to-earth presence! They have a son, Junior, who can be found doing the normal things teenagers do, riding his bike, snowboarding, spinning the globe on his fingertips, and having a bit of attitude toward it all!

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