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59 years and still kickin’ it…!

Nobody knew when Hideaway Pizza opened near the campus of Oklahoma State University in Stillwater back in 1957 that it would be the start of one of Oklahoma’s most popular and successful restaurants. It was only the second pizzeria in Oklahoma and Stillwater native Richard Dermer worked there before he and his new wife, Marti decided to buy it and try to make a go of this new food craze called “pizza”.

Richard’s simple but effective philosophy was that making employees happy at their work and providing great food would make for happy workers AND customers. OSU student employees worked their entire college careers (and then some) at the restaurant, becoming more like family then employees!

During the 60’s and 70’s, a fleet of imaginatively decorated Hideaway VW bugs raced around delivering late-night sustenance to students in the dorms and Greek houses, as everyone had to have a “Hideaway break” when they were studying! Sitting next to the famous “collage wall” Marti had created provided inspiration to those who wandered down to the tiny little brick restaurant on Third Street for their “Hideaway fix”!

Richard (the Big Kahuna) developed a love for kite flying and traveled with Marti all over the world as ambassadors of good will for kite lovers. Their personal collection of kites can be seen on the walls of the Stillwater restaurant, while colorful dragons, butterflies, clipper ships and spaceship kites hang in all our other locations to be enjoyed by young and old alike!

In the early 90’s, the Dermers gave their blessing to a small group of former managers to open the first Hideaway Pizza outside of Stillwater. The next generation of Hideaway Pizza fans was quickly born as they found the great taste of Hideaway Pizza in their own town! Each new store may look a little different but our philosophy remains the same: to provide a great place to work and a great pizza in a great environment!

The “work hard and play hard” philosophy appears to be a winner, with the fun-loving staff providing the entertainment for customers over the years. Colorful tie-dyed t-shirts worn by the staff set the tone for contagious fun. Great music, singing wait staff, colorful collages, streakers, dancing waiters, and our Customer Appreciation Prize Wheel have created a happy, laid back atmosphere that gives Hideaway customers a comfortable place to have a beer, eat some great pizza and just relax.

Our mascot, Kahuna, says that while the number of pizzas we have sold in the last half century would circle the moon and back, we really count our blessings when it comes to our guests. Game days in Stillwater bring thousands of old customers back to the original location for a taste of the past, while visitors to our newest locations in Oklahoma City and Broken Arrow congregate underneath a giant, rotating globe with the Hideaway logo and motto, “One Planet, One Pizza” spinning above them!

We celebrated our 50th Anniversary in 2007 with great pizza and great people, and invite you to be our guest as we happily step into the next 50 years of serving Oklahoma’s BEST pizza to the BEST customers in the world (you)!


One Planet, One Pizza!

Kahuna and The Hideaway Staff

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Hideaway Pizza
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