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October 21, 2020

Make Room for Shrooms!

introducing the half-order

After decades of experimentation (and being asked, like, a million times), the scientists at Hideaway Pizza labs have finally discovered technology powerful enough to make this dream a reality: A HALF-ORDER OF FRIED MUSHROOMS!

With two sizes now available, you can have your fill of our World Famous Fried Mushrooms AND Pizza!

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More pizza is on the ‘way, Norman! A brand new Hideaway will open in the fall of 2022!

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Let’s face it - it’s too hot to cook so give yourself a break and try something new! One of these three new menu items is sure to become a new favorite!

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Give your taste buds a break from the heat, and sink your teeth into something new! The Heirloom is the perfect way to enjoy a variety of summer flavors - no matter which slice you pick from the vine!

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